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Wax Area

Opening Wax Figure Museum in Batumi

The project contains the most famous or important people who ever lived in Adjara and other cities. 15 figures were created and finished in 8-9 months , decorations and accessories are made by our artists, too.

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Resurreced History of Georgia in Wax Figures

Wax figures, which are hold in The Batumi Wax Figure Museum, are hand-made and created on myths or any documents found. Decorations, cloths, accessories and other stuff needed, are important in each composition and show you the real world.

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Batumi Wax Figure Museum Presentation

Visitors can learn some about Georgian and Adjarian history while visiting the museum. Figures are alive in wax and it helps you to imagine the past or future much more better then without them. We are planning to create more wax figures and multi-figured compositions, warriors, kings and so on to show our rich history and nationality to all.

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